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28 August 2010 @ 06:27 pm
Challenge 74  
This is our 7th header challenge. You will have 2 weeks to submit entries. The first place winning header will be showcased in our new layout. Be creative and have fun!

Header Challenge

* Submit up to 2 headers.
* You may use any picture(s) of Rachel you wish (links below).
* Size: no larger than 700px wide by 400px high.
* Headers must have the text mcadamsstills, rachel mcadams stills or rachel mcadams stillness somewhere on them. Any other text is optional.
* A matching icon must accompany each header you submit. Icons do not have to contain text.
* Keep your entries anonymous until the winners are posted.
* Submit your header(s) & icon(s) to this post with the image and url. All comments will be screened.
* Deadline is Sunday, September 12, 2010 @ 12:00pm (Noon) ET.

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rachel mcadams online
hires hotties

Entries: 1